“Sticks, Stones and Broken Bones” I’ll leave ‘Baby X’ with you! Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington.

I originally intended to produce a full review on ‘Baby X’ by Harry Keeble with Kris Hollington. However, I came to realise that there were so many significant themes, so much material that needed highlighting, so much important information that just could not be left out. In terms of writing, analysis, areas open for debate and discussion, had I continued then I would have essentially ended up re-producing the book! I cannot emphasise enough how important ‘Baby X’ is and all of the material that is presented in this piece of non-fiction.

Through ‘Baby X’ officer Harry Keeble provides a thorough and comprehensive guide into the work that is carried out by London’s Child Protection Division. Having studied Law for over ten years, I have been exposed to criminal cases involving offences against children and young adults and so I did not think that I would or even could be shocked by the information presented in ‘Baby X’. Speaking plainly, this brutally honest, matter of fact and in-depth account proved me to be very wrong! Never before have I read an account that is so explicit in terms of what life is like for some of the UK’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

If you are a parent, legal guardian, professional in direct contact with children or work for a service or organisation that immediately effects the interests, well-being and welfare of minors then you need to read this book! Whether you directly or indirectly affect or influence the rights of children and young adults then again I reiterate and urge you to read this book! ‘Baby X’ is not only an account of children and their tormentors, ‘Baby X’ also serves to illustrate the numerous ways in which abuse can be detected and the ways in which it can be prevented! With such innocent children in mind, ‘Baby X’ stresses the desperate need for us to take greater interest, more responsibility and accountability for the children that we take care of and look after.

I can only commend officer Harry Keeble and the Child Protection Division for all of their hard work, diligence and determination in identifying and pursuing the UK’s most prolific child abusers, ensuring that they are brought to justice. Also, officer Harry Keeble for taking the time to produce such a significant and relevant piece of literature. To these children we have a duty an onus and a responsibility, “Sticks, stones and broken bones” and so I leave ‘Baby X’ with you!


Have you read ‘Baby X’ with Harry Keeble and Kris Hollington? If so, what do you think about this piece of literature? Are you familiar with the work of the Child Protection Division? Or maybe you are related to this area in some other way? As always I would just love to hear your thoughts and feelings so please do get in touch.

SisterSole x

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