‘Raising the Skirt’ with Performance Artist Nicola Hunter and Izzie Abbottobad…




After the powerful and provocative ‘Raising the Skirt’ exhibition I completely fell in love with artist Nicola Hunter (Formerly Nicola Canavan). For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is just a small insight into the project…

“The gesture of lifting the skirt has been translated across the world. It is known as Anasyrma or Ana-Suromai (Ancient Greek), Anlu (Kom Communities) and many others. A flash of the cunt has been known to calm other forces of nature too, in Madras (India) women were known to subdue storms by exposing themselves. In other folklore Women could drive away the devils, evil spirits and warriors as seen in Fontaine’s ‘Nouveaux Contes’, all through the power and beauty of their cunts. ‘Raising the Skirt’ has influenced my practice for many years (www.nicolacanavan.com); by questioning notions of beauty and the status of women socially and culturally across many religions, and how this affects how the female body is translated across mass media; it is important to step back in moving forward. ‘Raising the Skirt’ aims to reclaim the cunt as a powerful tool in assertion.”


Delighted to learn that images ” from the 2015 workshop which have yet to be released will be made available through a series of powerful exhibitions and talks throughout 2016 and 2017. Other projects include ‘LANDING IN HER SKIN. Motherness What is it to birth a child?’ and ‘mOTHER.MAMA.OTHER.where one starts and the other begins’.


Nicola Hunter has also produced an extensive array of ‘Live Performance’ and ‘Performance to Camera’ pieces, as well as ‘Video’ and other ‘Multi-Media and Text’ creations. If you are a proponent of realism and empowering women then take a look at http://www.nicolacanavan.com/


What do you think about this article? I am particularly interested in peoples attitudes towards breast feeding in public places. I know some perceive it to be very much natural and normal while others squirm at the thought! Many people being offended and expressing a clear distaste for the practice. Where do you stand in all of this? Please share your thoughts and opinions on all or any of the issues raised by Nicola Hunter through her projects and performance art. I would love to hear what you think! Maybe you know of other women who are making their mark on the performance art scene? Other individuals who are out there killing it but have yet to be recognised? Please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Izzie Abbottobad

4 thoughts on “‘Raising the Skirt’ with Performance Artist Nicola Hunter and Izzie Abbottobad…

  1. Public breastfeeding is something I can’t really contemplate as an issue. A bit like sipping a coffee. I am sure the recipient of the milk enjoys it and so might the mother. As for public display of cunts or cocks, alright in a gallery but I doubt it would become the norm on the bus or on the street.

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    1. I think you’d be surprised by how many women who encounter problems while trying to carry out such a natural act as breast feeding their babies in public places. Problems that range all the way from being asked to leave certain venues to rude comments with looks of disdain and distaste. As for the Nicola Hunter project… I think it was more about trying to regain control and power over the word and the autonomous cunt of the individual, hence the exhibition. I too very much doubt it would become the morn for people to expose themselves, with cocks and cunts out on the bus! lol Neither do I think it would be appropriate or an act of common decency to do so. But as for the art exhibition, personally I really enjoyed the concept. Thank you for your comment Gerard, it was nice talking to you.


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