The Invisible Contribution of Women: Icon Isabella Blow!

Isabella Blow was famous for the clothes that she wore, although frequently flagrant for the clothes that she didn’t! Issie has been banned from the offices of Vogue for leaning over the slide table with no knickers on!” 

Such a cosmic creature and colossal character, to this day she remains unparalleled by any other. Individual in every sense of the word, her own unique sense of style marked her out asa true pioneer. With  such a sharp and instinctive eye for talent her influence on the fashion industry was vast. To express her capacious contribution in words would only do her a disservice. Although, I will note that she is accredited for faces such as Sophie Dahl, Stella Tennant and the ensuing careers of  Lee Alexander McQueen while being the muse of milliner Philip Treacy. Need I say anymore?!  

With the cyclical fashion weeks, ordinarily you would find Isabella in the front row eagerly awaiting and anticipating the treasures about to be bestowed before her. Sadly her seat will be empty and so in her absence I thought it would be considerate and compassionate to take just a moment to reflect on the extraordinary, exquisite, eccentric and majestic woman that is Isabella Blow.

1020 (11).jpg

1020 (13).jpg

1020 (7).jpg

1020 (4).jpg

1020 (1).jpg

1020 (14).jpg

After Isabella’s tragic death it was agreed that her clothes or what can only be described as her dearest and most precious possessions would to be auctioned off at Christie’s. Naturally, close friend Daphne Guinness became increasingly alarmed, even horrified thinking that Isabella’s wardrobe would be manhandled, split up and sold off to the highest bidder! To prevent such an occurrence Daphne Guinness bought the whole collection and set out to create what proved to be a eminent exhibition in memory of her late friend. 

In an interview with Vogue Daphne Guinness expressed that “The decision to put Isabella’s wardrobe on display was a natural progression; it felt like what she would have wanted,” Guinness told us. “I bought the collection because I couldn’t bear for it to be dispersed; it was her life’s work – her legacy. What better way of celebrating that legacy than allowing the world to view it?” Sharing this sentiment I would like to encourage others to take a look at the ‘Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore’ exhibition at Somerset House…

129e2ba4-3aa6-45f4-b4aa-096630736a71 (1).jpg







str2_ly_2011_isabella blow6.JPG













What do you think about this article? What are your thoughts on Isabella Blow? In terms of the fashion industry do you think she was given the recognition that she deserved after discovering and promoting certain individuals, artists and designers? Perhaps you own pieces by Alexander McQueen or Philip Treacy? If so I would just love to see pictures!

Yours Truly,

          Bachelor Girl.


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