In Live Music We Will Always Trust!

In addition to literature, music plays a large and very important part in my life. Music affects my mood massively and often pulls me from the dullest of mornings and out of the darkest of moments. I enjoy it in many forms ranging merely from singing in the shower to listening while I put the hoover around my apartment. Over the years I have attended countless gigs and concerts which have been truly memorable experiences. Experiences that I have shared with loved ones, family and friends. Forming memories that will not be forgotten, reminding me of very happy occasions. For me listening to live music for me is a true and absolute pleasure. Any excuse to shake my bum and I am there! lol

My eclectic music taste has to be a testament to my childhood, a house filled with all kinds of sounds, vinyl rotating on the record player in the corner of the room. My parents played everything from Mowtown to the Blues, Folk, Rock and Roll, New Wave Electronic music, all the way to classical and everything in between. These days when I’m in my apartment the music does not stop flowing! This afternoon I am going back to my northern soul roots with Booker T and the M.G’s ‘Green Onions’ playing as we speak. With Northern Soul in mind here is a sneak peak of when I went to see John Newman live in Bristol. On top form, the performance was amazing and the atmosphere was just through the roof! Electric, I absolutely loved the gig but I also enjoyed as everyone sang Newman songs at the top of their voices as they filed out of the venue. Making our way to a large story car park where all of our cars were situated, spirits were still running high and the party continued. Car stereos blazing, people belting out tunes, hollering, singing and dancing the party continued way into the night! Everyone was just so, so happy and absolutely living for it. A night to remember for sure and one that will take some beating! Also, a gig that will be cherished for a very long time, as they say “in live music we trust!”

John Newman Live…


I love discovering new, up and coming artists as well as finding old musicians from way back when. Are there any musicians that you could possibly recommend? Maybe some that I might not have heard of? Also, I thought it would be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on music with me and various musicians that you are enjoying listening to at the moment, whether on the  car radio or live at a gig or arena?? As always, I would just love to hear from you.

Bachelor Girl.

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