Just a brief post today but none the less an increasingly important one! Could I please ask if there is anyone out there who has received ill treatment, or experienced bullying while in the workplace? Furthermore, has anyone witnessed malpractice or been made aware of any wrong doing or misconduct while in employment? This week is ‘Anti Bullying Week’ and so I really hope to generate a conversation on this matter. Please do get in touch if you have any knowledge or experience with such issues and subjects. Of course I appreciate that this is a sensitive area and so rest assured that any information will be handled delicately and  treated with the utmost respect. The effects of bullying are devastatingly serious, ranging all the way from physical harm to mental health problems and tragically sometimes even suicide!The aim here is to generate a conversation which will hopefully raise awareness on what is a very serious subject matter. Such a conversation could also serve to help someone who is currently being bullied, supporting them through what can be a very difficult and dark time. Who knows, this conversation could even save a life!As always I would love to hear from you, possibly even more so with regard to this post and so please, please, please do get in touch.


SisterSole x


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