The Truth is a Bitter Pill to Swallow but it Will Set You Free!

Absolutely in love with ‘The And Project’ on the page ‘Skin Deep’. This collection includes a series of shorts whereby two individuals sit down, face to face and have probably one of the most honest conversations of their lives.

With no boundaries the participants really get to the core of what it is like being in each of their respective relationships. Some of which are romantic, others are familial, some are just friends while others on a blind date!

Of course they are allowed to ask questions that are personal to their specific relationships. However, ‘The And Project’ also prompts individuals to ask those nitty-gritty questions that everyone wants answered in a relationship, but don’t always feel they can ask.

They are also guided by questions the creators of ‘The And Project’ feel that they need to ask and answer in order for their relationships to get to the heart of any underlying issues or problems. Equipped with all of this new knowledge the couples can then decide whether to move forward separately, possibly allowing some individuals to remain as just friends. While others make progress together in a much more or positive and healthy manner. As they say the truth can be a bitter pill to swallow but it will set us free!

So far I have really enjoyed Sidra and Ben and so I will include clips here…

Sidra and Ben: How To Fall Back in Love…

Sidra and Ben: I want you to feel sexy again…

But I would thoroughly recommend that you check out the vast array of other videos available. Also, I hope that enjoy them equally as much as me!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts so please do drop me a line.

SisterSole x

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