A major exhibition that celebrates the life, work and influences of Angela Carter…


Bringing art and literature together, Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts and Fiona Robinson present ‘Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter’. A collection that explores the tremendous impact of the infamous author Angela Carter. The curator, artist and writer echo “Carter’s recurring themes of feminism, mysticism, sexuality and fantasy.”

“The exhibition also features works by major contemporary artists who were either directly influenced by Carter, or who explore themes found throughout her work. The collection also delves into the latent meanings of childhood fairy-tales and the twisted imagery of Gothic mysticism, this exhibition pays homage to the dark and compelling drama of Carter’s visual imagination – brutal, surrealist and savage.”

Using an extensive array of mediums, the exhibition will include painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, printmaking and film alongside illustrations from Carter’s books, manuscripts, photographs and personal artifacts that give a fascinating and intimate insight into her life and work.









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I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on ‘Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter’ and so please do drop me a line. I look forward o hearing from you.

Bachelor Girl.

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