‘World’s Worst Place to be a Woman?’ So many women being attacked and killed here, it has been given its own name! ‘FEMICIDE!’

Stacey Dooley presents the second of two draw dropping documentaries from the worst places in the world to be female, to investigate why some young women today live in such dangerous, desperate and degrading conditions.


She travels to Honduras, known as murder capital of the world, where 16 women are murdered during Stacey’s short trip. In a country with little justice for women and the highest murder rate for young females, how are such endemic issues being tackled?

Violence against women is so common in Honduras that it has a special name ‘FEMICIDE!’ A woman is murdered every 13 hours here and Stacey discovers that very little is being done to address it. She meets with women who model to earn money needed to escape their violent and dangerous environments, but as Stacey discovers, it’s dangerous to be a beautiful woman here.

She meets Theresa Munoz, the mother of Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister Sofia, who were shot dead by Sofia’s boyfriend at a party. Yet with people too afraid to come forward with testimonies, the police reveal it’s likely their killer will walk free.


Stacey also meets some of the young women who’ve had enough and are campaigning for change, when she spends a night with a group of female students demanding more rights for women. At 3am, as they try to evade the police and put up posters before they are torn down, Stacey finds out just how difficult making a change can be.

In Honduras, the Catholic government ban on abortion and the contraceptive pill means that rape victims, often as young as 11, are forced to give birth whilst only children themselves. As the list of questions grows, Stacey visits the district attorney, only to find them unwilling to face her questions.

For more information please check out:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03h2nqh


Speaking plainly, I found this series of documentary style films to be both shocking and sad… ‘Femicide?!’ Quite frankly I really am lost for words… what to say… I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the information presented. I look forward to hearing from you.

SisterSole x

4 thoughts on “‘World’s Worst Place to be a Woman?’ So many women being attacked and killed here, it has been given its own name! ‘FEMICIDE!’

  1. The hatred against women is business as usual across the globe. These places are hell holes and men have all the power to keep them that way, as usual. I don’t know what women anywhere, can do to stop men, because they DO have the power to rape, beat and kill us, and there are no repercussions, nothing to stop them because the people in CHARGE of the laws are also men, who often brutalize women themselves. As long as we are kept powerless, I don’t know what we can do. Women are hated. Once we face that fact, in America, as well as across the globe, perhaps we can think of something to do. Fear, violence, unjust laws, or no laws at all, make us fair game. It’s evil and it’s allowed and accepted as the way things are. I have no answers other than arm women and let them kill the men. That’s the only solution I can see, at this point. Women who do kill men get life in prison. Men who kill women, walk free. A system built on hate. I don’t know what to do, or say. I wish I did. Forced pregnancy on children. Child brides who die on their “wedding nights,” after being torn apart by an old man who has the RIGHT to kill her with sex. FGM, the list goes on and on how women are tortured and killed. It’s a universal hatred and problem, but only for women, because men get to do whatever they like. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to stop them. Those places should not exist. They exist because MEN want them to exist. Again, I don’t know what to do for any of us and it’s getting worse. We have a rapist, woman hater elected as our new president. How do we stop that? It’s what people want, it’s what the voted FOR. They voted for hatred.

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