The Original Punk that is Vivienne WestWood!

With it being London fashion week I thought I would strike with one of my favourite designers… Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler!

SisterSole Space!

Just a small insight into the female icon that is Vivienne Westwood! Infamous in both the fashion and music industry, Vivienne Westwood is also renowned for being unconventional,  increasingly out-spoken and a woman who is unafraid of confrontation. Always provocative and forever controversial, she is recognised, respected and admired all the world over. A prominent political activist, Westwood has made a point of challenging those who consider themselves to be ‘artists’ with statements such as “We don’t have any artists today, they don’t have any vision what so ever!” She also maintains that there is no longer any true form of culture considering our social, economic and political climate.

Intrigued by such bold statements and expressed views, I have taken the time to look into them a little deeper… From the lectures presented, talks and interviews Westwood communicates that it is art that gives culture and in her mind there isn’t…

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6 thoughts on “The Original Punk that is Vivienne WestWood!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Pradita, just the sheer enthusiasm and zest for life! A trail blazer… there is no doubt in my mind about that. Likewise, thanks for the follow and it is lovely to meet you too 🙂 catch you soon x

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