Ewa Partum – “It is the Obligation of Every Woman to be a Feminist.”



“Ewa Partum’s famous Active Poetry installation was inspired by Marcel Proust and the typeface of public signs in Communist Poland. Ewa Partum (born 1945, Grodzisk Mazowiecki near Warsaw, Poland) is a conceptual and performance artist and filmmaker. Her public performance work confronts and invites active participation from the audience within the space and objects she uses. Throughout the 1970s and 80s she made challenging and pioneering feminist art under the confines of Communist Poland. Her most famous performance piece Active Poetry was influenced by the flowing nature of text, language and letters in the work of Marcel Proust.” TATE SHOTS.

artists_Partum2 (1)

What are your thoughts on artist Ewa Partum and her work? The specific statement that “It is the obligation of every woman to be a Feminist”? Also, this piece delivered by Tate Shots? As always it would be great to hear your thoughts and opinions and so please do leave a comment in the space provided. I look forward to hearing from you.

SisterSole x




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