It’s Messy by Amanda de Cadenet…

A book on Boys, Boobs and Badass Women!

its messy

Just to give you a little bit of background “Amanda de Cadenet is a creative force with a lifelong career in the media. She began as a host on British television at the age of fifteen and became a sought after photographer shortly after- as a result her impressive photography career already spans nearly twenty years. She is the youngest woman ever to shoot a Vogue cover and has photographed many of the most influential figures in popular and political culture. As a media entrepreneur, Amanda is the creator of The Conversation, a series that show cases her in-depth interviews on real topics with celebrated women. Whether it’s in conversations with Lady Gaga, or Gwyneth Paltrow, or in discussions with devoted followers of her social channels, Amanda delivers an honest and authentic voice. The series has aired in eighteen countries and is featured online, with over ten million viewers. In January 2016, Amanda conducted an exclusive one-to-one interview with presidential candidate Secretary Clinton. In February 2016, Amanda launched #girlgaze, a digital media company utilizing user submitted content and highlighting the the work of women Gen Z photographers and directors.”

A force to be reckoned with I absolutely fell in love with Amanda after first viewing ‘The Conversation’. ‘It’s Messy only serves to inform of her life story and compliment her work thereafter. If you haven’t already read it then I strongly recommend that you go and get yourself a copy. As always I would to hear your thoughts and opinions on this post and so please do join in the conversation with your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you!

SisiSolo x

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